What if we told you there was an oil on the market that could alleviate all your skincare troubles? Acne, discoloration, sun damage, aging, and other common issues. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Argan oil has been taking the beauty industry by storm for just these reasons! But is it worth the hype? We’re here to answer all the questions you have about this ancient Moroccan beauty remedy.


Argan oil is a nutrient-rich oil that originates in Morocco and has been used by Moroccan women for centuries as a natural beauty remedy. Often referred to as “liquid gold”, pure argan oil is harvested from the argan tree through a tedious and physically taxing process. Since the argan tree is only found in Morocco and argan oil is in such high demand, many beauty brands will try to replicate the oil or mix it with other products to save time and money. Click here to make sure you’re getting the real deal.


Argan oil is by far one of the most unique and useful oils on the market. Since it’s made of fatty acids, it works extra hard to smooth cell texture and increase hydration in skin and hair. Omega-6 and vitamin E work together to make argan oil a one-of-a-kind beauty tool.


Argan oil has been used as a beauty tool by the women of Morocco for centuries before it reached mainstream-level popularity, and for good reason! Below are a few problems that argan oil can alleviate or even cure if you’re consistent with it.

argan oil for skin


Dry skin is one of the most common skin types and it can also be the root cause of many other skin conditions. Acne, redness, peeling, itchiness are all symptoms of dry skin. Sometimes even a moisturizer isn’t enough to combat truly dry skin. Luckily, argan oil can penetrate deeper and heal at the source.  Thanks to the rich amounts of vitamin E, it dives deep into the skin and restores moisture lost from lack of sebum production, harsh weather conditions, over washing, strong acne products, and more. 


Adding oil to oily skin may seem on the surface like a terrible idea. After all, if you already have an overproduction of oils, wouldn’t more just make the problem worse? Science says this isn’t the case. In fact, oily skin can be the result of the skin being damaged due to a myriad of reasons. When your skin detects a problem, it will attempt to repair by overcompensating with the production of sebum, or your skin’s natural oils. This results in clogged pores and painful, inflamed acne. 

To no one’s surprise, it’s Argan oil to the rescue. Argan carries natural anti-inflammatory properties that can help calm red, irritated skin and supply your face with balance, allowing sebum production to return to normal levels and acne to subside.


The benefit of Argan oil in regards to sun damage is two-fold. First, Argan is a natural sun deflector. Due to the high antioxidants in Argan, studies have shown that it acts as a protectant against free radicals produced by the sun’s UV rays. These rays damage skin cells, resulting in sunburns and in extreme cases, skin cancer. On the flip side, Argan oil can be used to soothe and heal sunburns and other similar wounds. Remember how hydrating the vitamin E content of Argan oil is? That hydration is essential to repairing damaged cells and bringing your skin back to life. 


Argan is full of anti-inflammatory properties that make it the perfect acne treatment. Argan can even be used in conjunction with your existing acne products. Many acne treatments contain acids that can be extremely harsh, especially for sensitive skin. By incorporating Argan oil into your daily routine, you can better nourish and heal your skin. 


There are many reasons why Moroccan women’s best-kept secret was their Argan oil. Studies have shown that Argan has profound anti-aging effects. Looking younger is all down to the collagen production of the skin. Collagen production plays a large role in keeping your skin’s elasticity, which in turn prevents excess wrinkles and dryness. By supplementing with Argan oil, your skin is able to nourish the cells and look younger, brighter, and plumper. 


This is by far one of the most highly regarded features of Argan oil. Whether due to acne or other skin conditions, Argan can reduce the appearance of discoloration on the body. By targeting the cells deep within the skin, Argan hydrates and repairs from the inside out making it one of the most effective treatments for discoloration and stretch mark repair.

When it comes to skincare, Argan oil is a powerhouse. No matter the ailment, Argan is a fantastic repairing agent. In many cases, using 100% pure Argan oil can be more beneficial than an $80 jar of moisturizer. If it wasn’t clear before by its centuries-long use, science has shown that Argan is the top dog in the skincare world. 

So, is Argan oil good for skin? Our conclusion: 100% yes! 

But do you have to travel to Morocco to get it? Not at all! In fact, you can find a bottle of 100% pure and organic Argan oil right here at Argan Cosmetics! Argan Cosmetics is the leader in providing consumers with affordable Argan oil without compromising quality. In fact, our $14.95 bottle of Argan is easily comparable to a $49 or $79 bottle. When the product is natural, the price does not equate to quality. The mission of Argan Cosmetics is to offer organic products to enhance your natural beauty and help your inner glow shine out. 

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