While the jade beauty roller has been around for centuries, the tool has recently resurfaced in pop culture as a natural remedy for puffy and red faces. There are plenty of benefits to jade rolling when done correctly.

Read on to discover what they are and how to do it yourself.


During the Qing Dynasty of 7th Century Ancient China, jade rolling emerged as a skincare routine for the elite upper class. Composed of jade stone, it was said to be a precious gemstone with anti-aging powers. Many Chinese princesses used them to stay youthful-looking by getting facial massages. Many people believe Empress Dowager Cixi even used her own gold embellished jade roller that’s currently on display in the Qing Palace’s Museum.

The Chinese weren’t the only culture to discover the amazing benefits of a jade roller. The Egyptians and Mayans of Africa also used the technique for centuries, believing it could cleanse impurities and slow down the cell aging process by increasing Chi — the powerful energy that can rejuvenate and renew facial muscles for a glowing complexion.

As self-care and wellness have come to the forefront of pop culture and social media, so have jade rollers. It’s currently one of the most searched beauty items on the market–and for good reason.


There are countless benefits to using a jade beauty roller, including skin tightening, depuffing, and a younger-looking glow over time. The secret to the jade roller’s power is lymphatic draining.

Throughout your body, you have hundreds of lymph nodes — small bean-shaped structures that drain lymph fluid from certain areas of the body. When you’re sick or stressed out, these lymph nodes swell up to protect you. 

The face contains several of those lymph nodes, which when they swell, are more noticeable than other areas of the body. Using a jade roller, you can physically move these liquids so that they drain from the face and neck, significantly depuffing the face.

After months of using the jade roller, you’ll start to notice your pores appearing smaller and your face looking less irritated and puffy. On top of that, the massaging motion of the roller can also relieve tension in the temples and other tense areas.

While Ancient Chinese culture suggests that jade rolling can cure blemishes and improve collagen production, there’s no evidence to support those claims. However, jade rolling to diminish fine lines and wrinkles can result in a more youthful complexion!


Jade rolling is a precise process that is quick and easy once you get the hang of it. For starters, make sure to buy a jade roller made of pure jade stone and store it in the fridge to keep it chilled. 

When you’re ready to use it, make sure you do your normal skincare routine and disinfect the roller beforehand. You want to make sure your face and the roller are as clean as possible. If you typically put on a moisturizer or serum, make sure to do that as well. The jade roller will better absorb the ingredients into your skin.

There are two sides on a jade roller–the smaller side for the eyes and nose, and the larger side for the forehead, cheeks, and jawline. There’s no wrong area of the body to start, but make sure you’re rolling outward towards the sides of your neck and head, making sure to roll 10 to 20 strokes in each section. You’ll need to complete the strokes on each side of your face, rolling from the center outward on the left and right sides.

Although there’s no real order to jade rolling, make sure you hit these areas:

  • Neck: Starting at the central base of the neck, roll upward towards the chin.
  • Cheeks and Jawline: Start near your chin and roll up and outwards towards the ear.
  • Eyes: Using the small roller, gently roll from the inner corner of the eye to the ear, moving below the eye.
  • Forehead: Roll from the browline upwards towards the temples and hairline.

Once you’ve finished rolling these areas, take the larger end of your jade roller and roll down the sides of your face and neck to fully drain the lymphatic liquids.

While a jade beauty roller can be beneficial, it’s nothing without a good skincare routine. If you’re looking to depuff and get brighter, firmer skin, adding a jade rolling session into your daily routine may be for you.

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